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In July 2023, Morning Consult launched its B2P product, Morning Consult Pro. I produced this animated video to accompany the launch. Tasked with transforming a script and voiceover into a visual narrative, I designed storyboards incorporating product mockups, typography, and vector graphics. Navigating an accelerated four-week timeline, I collaborated closely with a fellow designer to create static visual assets while focusing on motion design.

I designed a variety of frame transitions using camera movements that coordinated with the audio and secondary animation. One example of this starts at timestamp 00:06. As the camera pans to the right, the four squares scale down as they enter the frame to create a more dynamic movement. Additionally, as the four squares morph into the graph’s marker, the triangle rotates 360 degrees for visual interest.

Despite a company-wide restructuring and a change in stakeholders midway through the project, I adapted and ensured an on-time project delivery that demonstrated the product’s key offerings and showcased Morning Consult’s brand identity.

Our collaborative effort exceeded stakeholder expectations and provided the marketing team with a polished and engaging video to drive business leads.

Product Launch Video
Morning Consult Pro


Lead Motion Designer

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