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In collaboration with the marketing team, I designed and animated a retail-blinded case study video from concept to completion. I created storyboards from a marketing script, capturing the case study’s story arc: from the introductory exposition and rising action featuring a politically charged controversy to the climax featuring Morning Consult as the hero, followed by a data-centric falling action and crisis-averting conclusion.

This video is the final of three blinded case study animations, with the first two animated by a fellow designer. Building on the success of the first two, I continued using the gradient circle motif, a visual element guiding viewers throughout the series. However, recognizing that this video would likely be viewed independently, I introduced new elements, such as the yellow triangles representing business setbacks and crossroads, to give this video a unique identity.

These case study videos aim to educate potential clients about the impact Morning Consult’s high-frequency data and decision intelligence can have. Therefore, paired with graphic animations, typography, and data visualization elements, I featured chart mockups that visually align with Morning Consult’s key data research offerings.

Blinded Case Study
Morning Consult


Lead Motion Designer

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